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Environmental Review Team


Guiding Principle
To assist Connecticut municipalities, in review of proposals for development, conservation and preservation by coordinating multidisciplinary environmental study teams and providing land use assistance in sustainable decision making and implementation.

To meet the challenges of development and conservation through knowledge of the land, its resources, and the probable effects of developments by providing assistance to land use decision makers at the local level.

Objective 1: To support and provide administrative maintenance for the statewide ERT program in cooperation
with the King’s Mark RC&D Area Project, Inc.
1. Conduct at least quarterly meetings of the ERT Subcommittee.
2. Manage financial resources for continued program operation. With annual review of financial management.

Objective 2: Continue the ERT Program while implementing ways to expand and diversify services offered by the ERT.
1. Develop programs and initiatives that foster a deeper local understanding of land use and environmental issues.
2. Continue to assess and modify the ERT review and report program element based on evaluations and availability of ERT team members.
3. Meet with stake holders for continued support and guidance for the direction of existing and new ERT program elements.
4. Provide outreach and education on land use issues to municipal decision makers that is complimentary to existing programs in Connecticut.
5. Continue to evaluate the ERT program value to Connecticut communities.

Objective 3: Educate legislators, town officials, citizens and others about the ERT program.
1. Produce yearly mailings concerning the ERT program.
2. Maintain a separate ERT website and social media.
3. Provide all legislators (state and federal) with a yearly ERT program update and e-mail notification of reviews completed in their districts.
4. Continue to update program brochures, information and displays.
5. Continue to post archived ERT reports to the website.

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