Soil Health Initiative

A long running program to promote education and practice through hands-on demonstrations and field exercises on rolling cover crops, soil pit investigation, and rainfall simulation on healthy and not-so healthy soils. Healthy soils, rich in organic matter, drain better, have greater disease resistance, and better water holding capacity in times of drought.

CT RC&D hosts workshops, educational events, and pilot programs in partnership with USDA NRCS staff, who provide valued expertise and instruction to attendees. Events are held around the state, typically on working farms and are highly attended by agricultural producers, non-profit, federal, and university staff.


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Agroforestry & Soil Health Field Day

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Soil Steaming Demonstration

On-farm soil steaming demonstration for high tunnels (1) (1)

CT RC&D is partnering with UConn Extension, CT DOAG, & NRCS to host a soil steaming demonstration at Fort Hill Farms.

Are you interested in learning more about soil steaming, a technique that uses steam to prepare soil for planting in high tunnels, greenhouses, and open fields? Join us on Tuesday, April 30th from 1-3 pm at Fort Hill Farm in New Milford, CT to learn about the soil steaming practice, costs, and benefits! Refreshments provided. This event is FREE, but please preregister by 4/26 at

Additionally, can you update the compost page on our website. Remove the registration link and replace it with the Alliance’s webpage. Noting you can find the electronic Conference program, presenter’s PowerPoints and select video recordings from the day.


Previous Events

2024 CT Compost Conference

Cover Crop Challenge


On-Farm Field Day


Urban AG Conservation Tour


Soil Health & Conservation Farm Equipment

Visit to watch a recording of the speaker presentations.

2023 Climate Smart Agriculture

2022 Connecticut Hemp Fest


2022 Connecticut Compost Alliance Events

Cover Crop Challenge: "Let it Grow"

A Conversation about the benefits of growing cover crops to their full potential

Is your Farm in Northwest CT? Are you interested in hearing more about the  Cover Crop Challenge (2021) conversation? Click Below to learn more.

Virtual Farm Field Day with Adamah Farm

Unable to join the webinar? No problem, you can watch the recording here:


2021 Connecticut Hemp Webinar

Soil Health Workshops: 2020 Connecticut Compost Webinar Series


February 26, 2020 Connecticut Hemp Conference

Over 270 attended Connecticut's first annual Hemp Conference and Trade Show!

On February 26, 2020, CT RC&D, along with planning partners USDA NRCS and UCONN Extension, brought together advocates, cultivators, and businesses interested in the emerging hemp industry. The conference covered healthy soils practices, local policy and regulations, Connecticut field trial results, as well as innovative production markets. This event provided valuable resources for local producers and farmers seeking connections in the state as well as knowledge about local issues and opportunities. This event was generously sponsored by the CT Department of Agriculture and CT Farm Bureau Association.

August 14, 2019 Workshop: Silvopasture & Agroforestry 101


Joe Orefice, Hidden Blossom Farm
Jeff Jourdain, Consulting Forester
Bill Purcell, USDA NRCS CT
Andrea Urbano, CT DEEP Forestry

Want to learn more?

As part of the workshop, we have developed a resource guide for Silvopasture and Agroforesty. This includes helpful links and contacts.

August 9, 2018 Workshop: Healthy Soils = Profitable Soils

Soil Health Workshop Speakers & Presentations

"Your ration is as good as your forage: outside the box to improve forage quality" - Tom Kilcer, Advanced AG Systems

"Double cropping: making money on both ends of the season" - Tom Kilcer, Advanced AG Systems

"Hybrid trials & nitrogen rates on high manure corn fields" - Johnny Hoffman, Oakridge Dairy

April 26, 2018 Workshop: Organic Soils = Healthy Soils

Soil Health Workshop Speakers & Presentations

"Cover Crop Systems at Sub Edge Farm" - Rodger Phillips, Sub Edge Farm

"Introduction to Permaculture" - Cynthia Rabinowitz, NW Conservation District

"No Till Production" - Julie Rawson & Jack Kittredge, Many Hands Organic Farm

"The Importance of Compost & Compost Tea in Soil Health" - Leighton Morrison, Kingdom Aquaponics, LLC

"Integrating Pollinator Habitat Into Your Farm" - Kimberly Stoner, CT Ag Experiment Station