Executive Board

Vice President

Our Board Members

  • President: John Guszkowski, Representative Working Lands Alliance- Director of Planning CME
  • Vice-President: Judy Rondeau, Eastern Connecticut Conservation District Natural Resource Specialist
  • Treasurer: Justin LaFountain, CZEO Southeastern CT COG Planner II
  • Secretary: Margot Burns, LCRVCO Environmental Planner
  • Rebecca Andreucci, South Central CT COG Planner
  • Lois Bruinooge, Last Green Valley Executive Director
  • Aaron Budris (Alternate), Regional Planner/GIS Specialist
  • Rosa Browne, Member at Large, Community Program Developer
  • Jim Costello, Connecticut River Coastal Conservation District Board member
  • Lynne Pike DiSanto, CRCOG Principal Planner/ Policy Analyst
  • Matt Fulda, CTMetroCOG Executive Director (Alternate)
  • Mark Goetz, CTMetroCOG Senior Transportation Planner/GIS Director
  • Rick Huntley, Member at Large, Environmental Specialist
  • Mark Nielsen, Naugatuck Valley COG Deputy Director
  • Joanna Shapiro, North Central Conservation District, Executive Director
  • Jim Sipperly, Representative, Connecticut Forest and Parks Association
  • John Guszkowski
  • Judy Rondeau
  • Margot Burns
  • Jim Sipperly
  • Dawn Parker, Connections
  • Janice Ehlemeyer, RAC
  • Pat Young, Eight Mile Wild and Scenic/Salmon River
  • Rob Smith, East Haddam Land Trust
  • Tony Irving, Lyme Land Trust
  • Jeremy DeCarli, East Hampton Planning
  • John Guszkowski
  • Lois Bruinooge
  • Margot Burns
  • James Sipperly
  • Mark Goetz
  • Fernando Rincon, NRCS
  • Mark Goetz
  • Justin LaFountain
  • Margot Burns