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FarmUp Pilot Program

The FarmUP Pilot Program is designed to provide one-on-one assistance to new, existing, and under-served farms and agriculture based rural small businesses with navigating the many programs and incentives available here in Connecticut. With a network of existing partnerships and experience with the agricultural support programs, CT RC&D has a track record of farm support experience through our CT Farm Energy Program.

Establishing a successful farm business is likely to be overwhelming for new, young, and under-served farmers in rural communities. The key elements for successful small and medium sized business ventures are: leadership, partnership collaboration, clarity of the business plan, marketing, risk management, and a clear understanding of support resources. With the creation of FarmUp, these agribusinesses will have a confidential contact who can help them navigate the numerous people, websites, programs, and funds that will help make their farm and business successful. The myriad of various agencies/organizations who provide much needed support are a spider web of websites, contacts, and organizational hierarchy. Information, follow up calls, and applications take an exhaustive amount of time for a single individual. CT RC&D, with experience and knowledge of the various programs and contacts, can provide quick and timely responses which is critical in any start up business or expansion of business. While there are excellent websites with numerous lists of resources available, we are taking it one step further by creating a "one stop shop” providing technical assistance delivering professional one-one-one assistance to navigate programs and funding options provided by USDA and other federal, state, and local agencies.

The purpose of this new program is based on the farmer’s need of time-sensitive assistance to improve their agriculture operation while keeping them focused on what they do best: agriculture production. Navigating government assistance and funding opportunities can be a protracted distraction from a farming business; an all-consuming task of contacting numerous state, federal, and support organizations for information and assistance.



For more information on the FarmUp program, please contact Amanda at or call 860.345.977