CT Farm Energy Audit Program

Connecticut Greenhouses can cut energy use and costs with the Connecticut Farm Energy Audit Program.

CTRC&D’s Connecticut Farm Energy Audit Program is pleased to announce funding to cover 75% of the cost of energy audits for Connecticut greenhouse growers and agricultural producers. The program will evaluate cost-effective technologies to solve energy challenges faced by today’s growers, with a focus on innovative technologies. Examples of projects that can be analyzed through the energy audits include dynamic temperature controls, waste heat recovery systems, thermal energy storage, adaptive lighting controls, and more.

Funded through a REDA grant from USDA Rural Development, this first-come, first-served program has a limited number of energy audits available through the end of April 2021, or until program funds expire.

CTRC&D has partnered with EnSave, Inc., an agricultural energy efficiency firm, to deliver the energy audits. The goal of this project is to examine innovation in greenhouse energy efficiency and agricultural operations.

Connecticut greenhouses can choose from two types of audits, based on their needs:

  • Comprehensive: This detailed energy audit analyzes the entire operation and provides recommendations for all cost-effective energy efficiency technologies for the farm.
  • Targeted: This energy audit is focused on one or two specific technologies the grower wishes to investigate.

Both types of audits include energy and cost savings and anticipated payback period for the recommended equipment.  Once an audit report is complete, growers can make sound business decisions and apply for funding through the Rural Energy for America Program (REAP) to complete the recommended energy efficient projects.

Call 800-732-1399 or email lisac@ensave.com for more information and to sign up.